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The t2i Certified Enterprise Incubator, located in the two offices of Via Porta Adige 45, at CenSer, and Via del Commercio 43, both in Rovigo, offers a physical space and a number of integrated services to start its business by reducing Risk and cost, to maximize earnings and success. Provides space, equipment, and services on an ad hoc basis in order to reduce the burdens of starting the business as an accelerator of the company’s journey, alongside startupers in a mentoring and tutoring course.

Here is the presentation video of the incubator aired on “Buongiorno Veneto Region”, the daily morning program of the Tg3 Veneto – SERVIZIO T3 VENETO

Real incubation service

The t2i incubator offers offices of various sizes, offered to entrepreneurs interested in using a competitive physical location and a number of basic services for the establishment and start-up of their business venture. Some services will be offered free of charge, others at reduced rates, which will be governed by special incubation contracts signed with t2i.
In particular, hosted companies offer the possibility of using a color network printer / scanner, providing access to a high speed ADSL, answering service, switchboard and reception, incoming and outgoing mail start-ups . Then there is the possibility to use the common spaces of the incubator, as well as meeting rooms and conference rooms, upon reservation.
Startups are then provided only for the first year: some start-up support services such as business startup training courses, support for the implementation of the business plan, supervision of business plan implementation through consulting Personalized tutor tutoring, voucher for industry analysis and market research, financing opportunities (first business support desk, access to youth and female entrepreneurship benefits etc.)


Virtual incubation service

Every startup is different and different are the needs every company has; There is the possibility of using virtual incubation services. Some startups, especially in the first phase of their lives, do not require physical space use, but require consulting services to support the development of business activity. The t2i incubator offers virtual incubation that translates into the same services as the real, except for office use. For some startups, virtual incubation becomes the previous step to a real incubation, for others who already have the office elsewhere, is an important support tool.


The New t2i Certified Enterprise Incubator
Cen.Ser. Area – Viale Porta Adige, 45 – 45100 Rovigo (RO)
Tel. +39 0425 471067 – Fax +39 0425 471574

t2i Certified Enterprise Incubator
Viale del Commercio, 435 – 45100 Rovigo (RO)
Tel. +39 0425 471067 – Fax +39 0425 471574


Ing. Alberto Previato

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Innovative Startup Incubated


Glob-Tek srls is made up of the Physics Division, the Chemical and Environmental Division with many interconnected activities essentially in the interdisciplinary branch of industrial, military, civilian and technological transfer consultancy.Innovative physical, chemical and environmental risk assessments are carried out in work environments and for private individuals as well as the necessary risk education training (ROA, ATEX, CEM, Chemistry, Microclimate, Noise, Vibrations, Agroforestals, Dropted Hydrogeological, Defense and Soil Conservation).Glob-Tek is also an innovative company listed on the MISE national list

Phone 0425/471067 – web: – E-mail:

12642900_996498617076396_174474905702490158_nPerformance Oriented Prototyping Fabrication Laboratory   Is a manufacturing lab for architecture and sustainable design. It is born by a multidisciplinary team that collaborates following a parametric design (PED © – Parametric Environmental Design).

PoPlab deals with digital manufacturing, postgraduate training for engineers and architects, business consulting. Study new materials, technologies and constructive ways to improve the built environment and comfort for the user.PoPlab won in 2015 the funding of the Veneto Region’s call for the creation of FabLab, open to the public for the development and dissemination of digital craftwork in the territory.PoPlab is hosted in the t2i incubator, which has provided high-tech numerical control machines and operating spaces for prototype design and construction.

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ID & M carries out innovative consulting services covering several areas of expertise, technical solutions, design innovation, and integrated marketing strategies to better respond to customer needs and identify specific values ​​and needs. A unique interlocutor for the development and management of multiple activities: relooking of internal and external spaces, “light” renovation actions, home staging, home shopping, marketing and communication project management to define effective strategies that are suitable for dealing with A rapidly evolving competitive context.

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Longato Riccardo srls is an innovative startup that deals with mechanical design for speed and power reducers, with dimensioning, characterization of gear material, studies and research in the field of metal replacement

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Longato S.R.L. At the presentation of the Certified Incubator of t2i and its start up (Venezia, 12.01.2017)

Kaymacor SrL
operates in the field of advanced technologies for energy recovery and conversion. There
His experience is based on the design and development of ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) microcogenerators. These are machines suitable for the generation of low temperature heat and electricity starting from solar, geothermal or heat-derived energy in industrial processes.

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easytechEASYTECH S.R.L. It
is engaged in energy redevelopment projects (condominiums, schools, historic buildings): energy audit performance evaluation housing performance evaluation thermoregulation intervention with D.E.R. logic, application calibration application easytech management system, continuous monitoring consumption remote monitoring detection and signaling anomalies. Interventions on new buildings: integrated plant design electric plant heating system air conditioning plant and air treatment plant sanitation plant supply, installation and installation of easytech installations installation by specialized technicians plant certification, continuous monitoring of consumption remote monitoring detection and signaling anomalies .

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Easytech S.R.L. at the presentation of the Certified Incubator of t2i and its start ups (Venezia, 12.01.2017)

bluebox Bluebox srl deals with design and design of high technological value, research and development applied to the electronics industry, including the production and marketing of these innovative high technology products and services related to the applied electronics industry. The Innovative Start Up by MARINO PALLA envisages the creation of a universal underwater diving suitcase for smartphones with the innovative and exclusive feature of being “universal” or suitable for any type of smartphone.


Bluebox S.R.L. at the presentation of the Certified Incubator of t2i and its start ups (Venezia, 12.01.2017)

senoseedSeno seed specializes in the research, development, production and marketing of vegetable seed for specialists in the field. The seed activity began in 1958 when Enzo Seno opened a shop in Lusia, a small rural village in Polesine, for the sale of vegetable seed to the ortolani of the country. Today, with Seno Seed® brand, are produced and marketed, respecting the highest quality standards, over 20 vegetable species, many of which are particularly popular in the Lusia production area.

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DigitalLab s.r.l.s. Innovative Start-Up in IT Innovation and Specialized in Research and Development of High Technology Software to Promote Sharing Economy in the Agri-Food Industry. The aim of the project is to optimize the use of mechanical tools and equipment supplied to farms (otherwise underused or unavailable due to excessive costs), integrating platform technology with the supply of shared resources and resources By contractors.

The idea of creating a community of farmers supported by a shared digital platform contributes to overcoming the technological gap between agricultural enterprises that may or may not have technologically advanced means and resources, different depending on the cultivated area, in order to contain Costs and improve environmental sustainability.

Pneus Jet Recycling – The company proposes a technology solution for the management and disposal of medium and large sized out of stock tires (PFU) with low environmental impact water jet technology and reduced energy use in relation to the amount of recovered material.

The use of a patented tire destroyer system with high pressure technology allows to recover most of the tire’s rubber with a high degree of devulcanization. With this feature, the dust obtained from the treatment can be reused for many applications, including reuse in new tire mixes.

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ISA Biohybrids is the project of a new startup assembly entirely devoted to the development of new materials obtained through innovative synthesis processes.
Startup is intended to develop, produce and market a new class of materials that can be used in different areas of application such as surface treatment, food packaging, and medicine, given their biocompatibility characteristics and functionality, allowing them to be innovative and Advanced uses so far unexplored and interrupted to traditional materials are six areas of application of interest.
The innovativeness of these products lies in their typology of synthesis and consequently in their applicability ‘
Developed materials can be considered as smart materials because they are able to perform their functionality actively. They can be functionalized with different classes of active principles and act as controlled release devices of such principles based on input presets.
The project focuses on environmental sustainability by developing these products from natural and recovering materials, with a type of synthesis that, in addition to being innovative in its manufacture, does not involve the use of harmful substances or solvents, Man for the environment.
The startup will offer both its line of products to be used as coatings and functional coatings, and the use of such materials as additives that can be used in applications or products that startup can study and develop in collaboration with specific industry partners, providing solutions Aiming at the experience and expertise of its staff, its research lab, synthesis and development.


HANGAR S.R.L. The two main activities of the start-up are aimed at focusing the activities with the aim of developing two innovative integrated systems that act specifically in the following areas:
1) through the acquisition of an existing patent, consisting of an electronic control unit equipped with signal coding terminals, is intended to implement the part of the user interfaces through research and experimentation in the field of electrochemical materials and / or bio sensors The end of greater efficiency of plant operation and consumption and greater interaction with other systems that are being developed on the market (iot)
2) thanks to the skills derived from the development of a chemical, it is intended to implement a different and particular product based on special resins, used in the lighting sector, with the aim of being able to manage in a controlled manner the characteristics of the luminous flux Output of led luminaires.
These changes will be important; In addition to the more direct aspect of energy efficiency, they are able to customize and characterize different existing products, making them suitable for the specific needs of different sectors.

phone 045/5118047 – web: – E-mail:

Hangar Srl at the presentation of the Certified Incubator of t2i and its start ups (Venezia, 12.01.2017)

Startup Innovative multidisciplinary Italian, operating in several fields: automotive, visual design, nautical, biomedical, aerospace to name a few. Comprised of a team of young professionals who have been developing the idea of a finished product for a long time, launching on the market concretely and quickly. Divion is a reference point for all companies wishing to implement their own technical office. A competent team able to develop the entire feasibility and creation path through 3d scans, style surfaces, rendering, class A maths and rapid prototypes, up to mold and tool paths.  Our Skills concern the use of major 2d design software, 3d modeling (polygonal, solid or surface) reverse engineering, cam, 3d scanning and rendering. High-precision high-speed scans, Mechanical scans, Museum scans, Human scans, RENDERING, Realistic photo presentations, Preview aesthetic effect of materials used, Configurations and evaluation of various finishes and treatments.


VIAGEA An innovative start-up that is born in Italy thanks to Mijin Lee, a Korean designer who is the industry’s expert.

VIAGEA is a tailored eyewear brand which hand crafted from Italy, making a range of all the different looks with eye for detail, unique materials and colors.

The Philosophy is to create individual’s identity and transform matter into art. VIAGEA created an active relationship between consumers and products by engaging the process of designing the eyewear.

VIAGEA’s  proposal is focused on the idea of our consumers possessing one pair of custom-made sunglasses that fit their face shape and enabling them to express their own identities by affixing our frame charms. V set itself this new avant-garde challenge to be ‘transformative’.

Engineering accomplishments

Patented(Patent pending now) technical innovations, along with carefully engineered and crafted details, have revolutionized modern eye-wear. They have done away with everything that is not essential – including all screws, rivets and welds. This means VIAGEA frames are incredibly strong and flexible – yet among the lightest and most comfortable in the world.

Innovative Startups that have completed the incubation process

incoming“Regno dei Viagg”i by Travelling Trader Srls   is a newly established company specializing in Incoming Italy, ie bringing tourists from abroad to Italy. The main activity is the promotion of tourist facilities present in the area, mainly villas and old-fashioned houses of the highest standard, small charming hotels and farmhouses, as well as enogatronomy with local restaurants and products. The company is also able to follow weddings, meetings & incentives, large groups as well as individual tourists, responding professionally to any demand and need by guaranteeing a quality service.
Phone. 346/4904660 –  web:  – E-mail:

ham Health Around Me Innovative startup has created an internet portal with its own mobile application designed to become the new reference point in the relationship between physician and patient, and provides differentiated functionalities for users, doctors, and healthcare professionals. It is a completely digital service that can be used by PCs or mobile devices.

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logo_definitivoRaffineria Creativa Srls   Is an innovative start-up aimed at the creation, promotion and enhancement of tourism products in Italy. The company, young and dynamic, aims to bring new ideas into the tourism sector, to highlight the product Italy, underlining the presence of territorial, landscape, cultural and gastronomic excellence. Refinery Creativa proposes to all public and private organizations, organizations, structures, territorial associations, companies and accommodation facilities present in the Italian landscape, creating the new opportunities needed for the expansion of tourist destinations.
Phone. 344/189 6689 –  web: – E-mail:

Incubated Companies

Logo Abitat

The company was founded in 1983 as a design and consulting company in civil and industrial fields. Since 1992, it has been engaged in the Division of Information Systems in the provision of software services and production dedicated mainly to the resolution of land management issues. Abitat S.I.T. Srl Provides its services in: services, mapping of territory, urban planning, mapping, surveys, software, training, assistance and custom applications, sales of Autodesk software.
Phone. 338/6933165 – Sito web: – E-mail:

Logo-ITSensor-150ITSensor is a trading company that sells industrial automation products mainly via e-commerce web platform. Apparatus & sensors for measurement, analysis, recording and automation in industrial processes are an example of the products offered. ITSensor wants to propose to the industrial market, where only the first steps were made and still used to traditional shopping methods, the characteristic advantages of on-line sale: fast access to detailed technical information with the help of tutor / video online , Readily available availability and prices at affordable economic conditions, assistance with VoIP systems and FAQs in h24 service.
Phone. 0425/1810834 – 393/1768053 –  web:  – E-mail:


YouCo is a Mobile Solution Provider able to offer Innovation-focused Technology Solutions. YouCo is a strategic partner for multinational companies with a focus on 360 ° mobility: consulting, proprietary SW products, managed services, solutions and ad hoc projects tailored to the specific needs of vertical markets. 4 locations (Milan, Rome, Como NExT and Perugia), 2 R & D laboratories.
One of these is located right at the T2I incubator in Rovigo. Here both ad hoc solutions and proprietary web 2.0 and mobile products (Android, Apple iOS, Blackberry 10, Windows Phone 10, HTML5, …) are designed and developed, integrating with the existing infrastructure at the Customer or in the Cloud .

Phone. 0425/471067 – web:

DIADA is a small and qualified group of communication professionals, we like to be defined as a creative service. For almost ten years we have been working together in a coordinated and synergetic way, studying projects, campaigns, events in various sectors, from big business to btb companies, banking groups to public administration. We are a “pocket-sized” agency, small in size, but compact and packed with innovative experiences, quality and content. Our structure is composed in a simple and flexible manner to meet the different customer needs, time and budget available. We want to be free to choose the best suppliers, the most brilliant partners, the most striking resources for each project, orienting our choices from time to time depending on the type of customer, the availability of the territory, but above all the strategy Of photo-depliant-diada-2communication choice.

Tyche3 was born from the multi-yearly professional bag of the Senior Designer Davide Pizzo, accredited in renowned and exclusive car manufacturers, where professionalism and innovation are the most effective tools of success.
It is an Automotive and Industrial Design Company whose market proposal is to provide design solutions to its customers on concept, design and product engineering.
Tyche3 offers high-tech technical development, ensuring one of the most effective benefits of ever-time.
Its team of designers and designers give timely responses to deadlines, providing also a consolidated know-how in product design and engineering.
The fields of application of the company’s work process range from aerospace design, product engineering, yacht design to prototype 3d printing.

el processo di lavoro dell’azienda spaziano dall’Aero Design, all’ingegneria di prodotto, dallo yatch design alla stampa in 3d di prototipi.